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RIMS Driving School is owned and operated by myself, Suzanne  Rimington.

RIMS Driving School is licensed by NY State DMV to provide behind the wheel instruction as well as the 5 Hour Pre License Class. Until further notice, we are only holding 5 Hour Pre License Classes on Zoom. I personally instruct this class and it is available for anyone 16 and older with a NY State learners permit.  This is not pre recorded as the "online classes" and there are no quizzes or test.


As the owner and instructor,  I would like to assure you that I feel passionate about making the roads safer to navigate for everyone.  Having an instructor that is both enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable makes a huge difference in a classroom.  I do my best to make sure you are not only getting the most up to date information as possible but also in a way that is less likely to bore you to sleep.

Our Instructors:


Tara Schatzel 







Levin Flournoy

Frank Zarelli

(Frank was a little camera shy)




Suzanne Rimington







Still need reassurance we are the one? read the many reviews by past students on Facebook, Google and the home page of this website as well.  


Tara Schatzel
Suzanne Rimington, RIMS Driving School

Suzanne Rimington

Connor Currey
part time strategist/full time son

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