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NY State Approved 5 Hour Pre License Class

For 16 years and older with a valid NY State Learners Permit

The five hour pre license class is held on Zoom.  The class we offer is not the same as the online version for 18 and up.

RIMS 5 Hour zoom class is for 16 and older with a valid learners permit.  It is instructed by myself, Suzanne Rimington, owner of RIMS Driving School.  Safe roadways are my passion, kinda nerdy right? Well my nerdiness is your gain because I am constantly researching info and videos to bring you fresh perspective and the most up to date information.  Online classes are pre recorded with no instructor present.  It is basically a PowerPoint you either read or follow along to and has a quiz after each topic.

At RIMS ,there are no tests or quizzes and you will be able to schedule the road test directly after class if you are ready.  After class is complete, I stick around and offer some tips for the road test and answer any questions you may have, that is certainly not something you will experience with an online version.  And of course the number one reason to book with RIMS is no call centers in a foreign country!  

Are you ready?  lets do it !

5 hour driving class in Poughkeepsie